Ayron finds out Edit

“Allen, I have something to tell you” Ayron said to me calmly
“What is it man?” I asked smiling
“I know” He said staring at me. No words have ever felt so terrifying in my life. His face was a calm and blank expression, but his eyes stared deep into my soul. He was enjoying watching my guilt and I saw a hint of a smirk. I tried to act cool.
“You know what? What is it Ay?” I could tell the whole ‘play it cool’ thing wasn’t working.
“I know you are dating my sister” He said bluntly
“Ok dude I can explain, I know she is…” I started but he cut me off with a wave of his hand. His eyes went black and his hands lit up aflame. I knew this was to be the moment I was going to die and I deserved it. I closed my eyes and awaited my death
“Nah just messing with you!” He laughed “I can’t think of anyone more suited to dating her than you bro! You are too idiotic to be an asshole to her”
“Oh thank god man! Know that I would never do anything to hurt her” I responded sincerely
“Yeah because you know that if you did I would burn your face right off” he laughed
“No, I would never hurt her because I love her, I want to spend the rest of my life with her and would do anything for her”
“WHAT!?” he shouted “I though she was just interested in you because you were older and becoming famous! And you were only interested in her because you are a loser and the moment a girl pays you any attention you think it is a sign of love”
“But I love her man! And I think she feels the same way about me!”
“If she does love you, you better marry her and be my brother-in-law or so help me god I will burn your giblets off” “What is with all these threats?”
“You’re dating my sister!”
“Oh yeah…”

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