Dammit, people

Open up


I know it

You know it

They know it


I'm so nervous as I show you who I really am

My real thoughts

I'm shaking

I'm crying

I'm scared.

I find everyone happy, everyone nice,

Everyone "honestly sincere"

But I wonder my dark wonders and I

Think my dark thoughts

And I wonder,

How much of it is real?

How much of it is fake?

How much of it is a lie

And how much of it the truth?

I can't bring myself to believe you

I can't bring myself to trust

Yet I have and you know

And you're all being such a help

But yet.

I'm starting to doubt

I'm starting to leech and to

Bleed and to

Cry and to


I wonder how many of you are wearing masks

Like me

And all the rest

I wonder my dark wonders

I think my dark thoughts

I can begin to see the masks on all your faces

This is my delusion, you can't help me

This is me

Not you

Don't cry for me when I'm gone

'Cause it's not your fault.

I just can't bring myself around

The world is just too f*cked up

And I'm just to f*cking scared.

I'm scared.

Do you realize that?

Can you hear my voice quavering through that computer screen?

Can you hear my voice screaming?

Don't help me

Because it's not your fault

That I see you all

Through a mask.

Miss me

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