The Evil ManEdit

Omnium Osure sat on the desk facing all creautures, and followers of himself. He stared at them, as if waiting for a circus to begin. At any minute now, Omnium, would release a plan, to kill the one and only enemy of him, me. Lorem Ipesum. Omnium took at deep breath, as if this was the hardest thing he could ever say, the exhaled. The followers waited anxiously, yet Omnium, still never said anything, he just sat there. "My lord?" A man spoke up. From behind him, a dragon, grunted, as if about to blow fire.

"Yes, Bonchour? Cover Aygran's nose," he added to the man. Bonchour covered the dragon's nose, before it could sneeze.

"Well, I was wondering, when you would release the plan," the man named, Bonchour said.

"Patience, but if you all cannot wait, I guess I should release it now," Omnium took a deep breath, exhaled then stayed silent again.

"My lord?" A man spoke up from behind Bonchour.

"Yes, Grayton?" Omnium asked.

"The plan?" the man said to the evil man.

"Oh right," Omnium said. "First we shall-" I woke up with a start.

Chapter OneEdit

More TrainingEdit

"TEN HUT!" It was my warrior trainer, he woke us all up.

More coming soon.

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