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In England, 1889, an Scottish detective, Charles Barns is at his best. After the recent solving of a series thefts and a murder by an escaped convict named Morty Templeton, Charles is seen as the best in London. When a friend tips him off about small murders in the lower area of the city, Charles brushes it off and starts working on another case. But when a body is found literally torn to pieces, Charles reconsults his lead. When he looks into it, he finds that these murders aren't small. Each of the bodies have been killed in the same ways: a mix of blood loss, poison or some kind of toxin and horrific mauling. When Charles informs the chief, Quincy Chamberlain, he advises Charles to seek the aid of an old frined of the chief's, Victor di Morti.

Will Charles prevail in catching the murderer or murderers?

Who really is Victor di Morti and what is he hiding?

And why does Victor seem to have some sort of strange connection to these murders?



Prologue - Wise

Chapter 1 - Soa

Chapter 2 - Gel

Chapter 3 - Cello

Chapter 4 - Anna

Chapter 5 - Lott

Chapter 6 - Wise

Chapter 7 - Soa

Chapter 8 - Gel

Chapter 9 - Cello

Chapter 10 - Anna

Chapter 11 - Lott

Chapter 12 - Wise

Chapter 13 - Soa

Chapter 14 - Gel

Chapter 15 - Cello

Chapter 16 - Anna

Chapter 17 - Lott

Chapter 18 - Wise

Chapter 19 - Soa

Chapter 20 - Gel

Chapter 21 - Cello

Chapter 22 - Anna

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