When you told me that you loved me,

I believed that was true.

When you asked me out,

My soul almost flew.

Then it happened,

You told me, "I don't think I love you..."

And that's where I begun to think that I don't, too.

We lost our relationship,

I tried being friend with thee...

But you got a new girl,

And forgot about me.

I though life was worthless,

I wanted to die!

But it was too early,

To become a soul and fly.

Then, one day, when the pain left my heart,

You came back to me and said you still love me,

Which made my head hurt.

But I understood that I'm only used,

You don't need me; you need to look cool.

Keeping calm, I answered, not really wanting to...

"I don't love you anymore, sorry, but that's true."

The end of our love, the end of my ache.

You won't steal my soul now, you can't -

I won't let.

You where pissed,

You where mad,

You screamed at me,

You swore, but I didn't care.

Deal with it, boy!

I don't love you; not anymore.

You broke my heart, now you will no more.

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