Dearest love/hate,

Why do I love/hate you?

Dearest hate/love,

How do I hate/love you?

Help me,/Don't touch me!

Love me,/Or hate me!

Die for me,/Kill me!

It's so vital that you/It doesn't matter if you

Love or hate me!

Dearest dream/nightmare,

What can you do that

Will hurt me/do to me?

Dearest nightmare/dream,

What will you say that will

Touch me/or destroy me?

Caress me,/Torture me!

Comfort me,/Burn me!

Flirt with me,/Play oh-so-dirty with me,

Just never, ever/Just please, please

Leave me alone!

Dearest love,

Dearest hate,

You're just another something,

You're just another everything,

And as I sit here and contradict over and over

I think of you

And smile.

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