There once was a man called Devilish Jack,
Rumor says he's got teeth sharp as a tack.
He lives deep in the woods where the children play,
Counting his bodies day by day.
He's got yellowing teeth and yellower skin.
He lives all alone since he has no kin.
He never smiles for he has no lips.
When he kills he starts at the hips.
A gentle cut is how it all begins,
Next come the needles, pin by pin.
He stitches up the wounds, stitch by stitch,
Laughs in delight as your cries increase in pitch.
Next comes the poison, yummy, yum.
Down your throat it goes, yum, yum, yum.
To muffle your screams he staples your lips,
Chops off your fingers, just past the tips.
You need to be fed is what he decides,
Cuts open your stomach is what he confides.
Stuffs in straw is what he does,
Then he adds the bees, hear them buzz.
Last comes the fire, burn, burn, burn.
He only does this because you never learn,
Not to play in Jack's forest late at night,
Lest you be touched by death's frigid bite
You're one of Jack's scarecrows now,
See how pretty you look at evening's brow

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