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(Note: This is inspired by Marvin's Room if you don't know the song... So you could play this to the tune of that song. I can't believe I'm doing this...)


After all we been through,

I told you that I loved you,

You said you felt the same too...

You decieved me for so long...

Before we were bestfriends,

So now everything ends,

Don't even try to make amends...

'Cause I'm completely done with you.


How could you be so unsensitive?

I guess good-bye is all that I have to give,

Remember all those things you said that were untrue?

You just want attention so find someone new,

I'm just saying you could do better...

I love you now, but that won't be forever...

I mean, I'm just saying you could do better...

Love and friendship don't coexist together...

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