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I saw Kenneth Kyle. He was standing next to a guy outside ABC Canteen. I cross the road immediately. I was so excited to talk to him. Kenneth kyle was my classmate since pre-school but now he transfered school. As I reach Kenneth. I saw the other guy's face. It looks familiar.

"Kenneth! How are you?"

"Even though I'm studying in a no chinese school I still have my chinese name on my ID" He flash his ID at me. I read the chinese letters. Hong Wen Liang.

"You just wrote that!" We both laugh.

"Mary Joyce" Called out the other guy. I turned around.

"You are?"

"Allen.Remember me?"

Allen. That name again. I don't remember any Allen. I shook my head. This guy is an impostor an Alien. Who planted false memory on everyone. I know eeryone who transfered schools and he's definantely not on the list.

"I don't remember a single Allen "

"You, Dan and Brian forgot me. How come? Look at Jasmine, Andrea an the others they still remember me. I was your friend remember? Remember when Brian was the Srg. at Arms? He confiscated my ID once. Kamile also bullied me once. He made me cry"

it wasn't what I remembered.I remember me and Kamile bullying Brian and making him cry during third grade. I remember..He was right.

"Am i really your friend? You don't even remember me. You don't really care about me don't you? You don't have any loyalty at all."

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