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Doctors are smart.
They know lots of things.
Compared to them,
I am a stupid nincompoop.

Doctors have to do lots of school.
More than I would ever do.
Would you do that much school?
If so, press one.

Doctors are smart.
They even know,
Some people don't know that.

Why do I wonder,
about the intelligence of doctors?
I wish I was a doctor.
I want to be Dr. Awesome.

Doctors might just rule the world.
If this were to happen,
Doctors would be even more cool.

Doctors are not dumb.
If you say they are dumb,
Then maybe, maybe...

If you ARE a doctor, press two.

If you think doctors are dumb, press 11.

This has been BUA with yet another poem that nobody really understands.

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