General Analisa- Analisa was the joker in the group and was used to be the 10th most intellegent in the class until she was beaten by Aragon Tecson.

Uy John Jacob- Jacob was the only gay in the group, everyone thinks of him badly and tease him everytime.

Dela Cruz Anne Beatrix

Tan Mary Joyce

Lim Maria Isabel

Gan Chloe Mitchel

Aragon Tecson

Chan Andrea

Prologue Edit

“Hey, I need to tell you something.”

“What!?” I asked. Jacob and I were having a conversation on the phone. We were talking about going out this Friday or something while planning about our surprise birthday party to our bestest friend.

“Christian will be transferring back to our class.” My mind suddenly race to a lot of possibilities. I’m pretty sure Jacob and Christian will have a fight with Anna on will be her boyfriend. We were joking about the two of them being perfect for each other. Then I wonder will Christian even remember me? Probably not.

“That would be really great!” I answered back

“Except Anna will be leaving.”

This is the story of how everyone reacted on Analisa or Anna for short’s actions.

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