DHcover (2)

The ancient-looking wizard jmped out of side, as the flaming red Dragon swooped past him, leasving the top of his hat in cinders. Cursing, he shot some deep-purple magic jets at the enemy ranks, incinerating two or three Ogres. The Dragon and his master yelled, and returned back towards the Wizard, this time knocking him of balance with it's tail. The wizard fell, his memories running before his eyes, a red blur overcame him. Sweat, blood and mud ensnared his head. He closed his eyes, and the battle raged on...

Chapter oneEdit

Secundus Dragonheart walked through the sunny winter afternoon. Today was a huge day. After one hundred years, Secundus would be meeting back with his two siblings- Primus and Tertius, and his sister- Quarta.

For over thousands of years, the Dragonharts had been a very prestigious and renowned family. For many years, they lived famously and glamorously,

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