Half-orc barbarian

"Worthy foes aren't easy to find these days."

I saw the image online and thought i'd make a character about it. Whoever made the image owns this image, it's not mine.


Orcs are well known in Mavadrasia for their strength, loyalty and cleverness. Drona strove to embody those traits throughout her life, and her kinsmen believe she has succeeded.

Born to a common orc family on Dunlisk, she was taught to be a smith like her father while her mother filled her head with stories of heroes. Work on the forge made her strong, and while she enjoyed the work, it wasn't quite enough to make her happy.

Then, one day se found a chance to prove herself. A wild beast was rampaging in her village. A monsterious boar charged at fences and innocents in fury. The young orc quickly grabbed a great sword and attacked the beast. The confrontation lasted for an hour, but Drona bested the beast at the expense of a lengthy stay at home healing her wounds.

She had never felt that happy (or in that much pain) in her life. She asked her father if she could train to be a warrior. Her father disliked the idea of it, but saw the determination in his daughter's eyes and allowed her to do so. Though naturally talented, she took her time slowly roughing out the flaws in her technuique and improving.

When she came of age, she became a sellsword. She traveled throught Dunslisk, helping in anyway that she could. Eventually, she found her way to the mainland, and found work defending people for slave traders.


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