AN: See if you can guess the moral of this poem ;P I doubt any of you can tho

Mother duck, mother duck,

I call to her.

Duckling, duckling,

Comes her replying murmur.

I swim towards her,

she swims towards me.

I feel my feathers water,

From the waves of this dead sea.

She is not my mother,

Nor my sister.

She is not my aunt,

Nor is my dad her mister.

She is a breeze on the window,

She is a touch in my heart.

She is in everyone of us,

Nature, she is our part.

To me, she is my mother duck,

her long neck craned high.

She makes sure all of us are together,

As the sun says goodbye.

She is my mother duck,

Just as I am her duckling.

We are all her ducklings.

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