As I cross the hallowed hallways,

A mirage of hope flickers across my tearful eyes.

And my long lost dreams.

But the truth of the matter stays the same,

One must die at dusk today.

That one can only be me.

Confusion, angst and sentiment brews in my heart,

I cough up blood and taste vomit in my throat,

For how long shall I choke upon the taste of sorrow?

My aspirations have wilted,

What used to be my dreams,lay shattered on the ground,

I am a broken vase, protesting through ceramic tears.

I shed one last tear as the clock ticks away,

Savour the warmth as it rolls through my iced cheek,

And watch it drop,the moment of repose gone.

Hope springs eternal, so they say-

My will to live slowly crawls away.

The shadowy breath of death is nigh.

I see my memories and dreams float around me,

Tears and snowflakes begin to null my senses

A thought occurs in my head-

That first I will be another sad face,

Another forgotten name, a melancholic memory.

"A con artist of life and death", -Except the art is lost forever.

The vertigo from the jump passes away in a frosty blur,

What hits me first is the rush of icy water...

And so I open my heart to be claimed by the darkness below.

Pulvis et Umbra Sumnus.

We are, but dust, and shadows.

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