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Elvindor Academy

Elvindor Academy is a series of stories by SmudgyHollz.

Genre: Adventure

I realize that most of the people on Wikia are American - and if not, have a different school system to me - so I thought that it might be interesting for you to read about the schools in Britain. To avoid confusion, I shall explain right now how our schools work;

Primary School

Year Age
Primary One (P1) 4-5
Primary Two (P2) 5-6
Primary Three (P3) 6-7
Primary Four (P4) 7-8
Primary Five (P5) 8-9
Primary Six (P6) 9-10
Primary Seven (P7) 10-11

Secondary Schools

Year Age
Secondary One (S1) 11-12
Secondary Two (S2) 12-13
Secondary Three (S3) 13-14
Secondary Four (S4) 14-15
Secondary Five (S5) 15-16
Secondary Six (S6) 16-17

First Year: The Beginnings

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