My feelings are my own. I hide behindan ebony fortress of aggression

and anger. Expose myself? Not on your life......Let u in? no such luck...

I'll live in solitude for the rest of my life before I compromise my mask. Like I've said before, my cowardice is my only content. And Iwill give it

up for noone. But I ask myself, when does it stop being coy and bleed

into cowardice? I fear isolation to the point that I isolate myself to

prevent it. The redundance is almost sickening. or is it irony? The

quizzical alggorithums of my mind astound my feeble understanding.

My mind throbs, my heart aches, my soul grieves, and I don't know

why.....My hesitation is my fear, a crippling cancer

upon my mind. i often ponder to myself, what the hell is wrong with

me....Fear is my 8th deadly sin; hesitation its bastard twin. The

coward's only reward is a righteous fury. The spawn of that fury is hate.

And hate only bears darkness......... Like the shadows within my


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