He sat on his Cosmic throne

Gazing past the endless stars.

A smile peaked from His lips

As He pondered how the stars moved.

Looking out his great window

Into the depths of Space and Time,

He beheld sights of his bright neighbors

The Nebulae were His friends,

But the Galaxies felt envious.

His Castle of Existence spread out its doors

To welcome in all celestial entities.

The Universe was big enough

For the grand party of Time's beginning.

The Zodiac danced and the Quasars singed

Though His majesty refused to take part

In the glorious revelry of the constellations.

Dreams of the king transcended the border

That separated universe from universe.

And as He fell into eternal delight,

Holes of black and white entered the fray.

Everyone was here, let the festivities begin!

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