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Ethan Richardson

Ethan Richardson is the son of Laurel and John Richardson and the descendant of Cali Morana (His mother's side) the Voodoo Queen and a druid, Amos, son of Richard (His father's side). He is apart of the Myst Conjuror Clan. He is adept in both fire magic and fortunes. Ethan was first inducted into the Myst Clan
when he was six. In the beginning of the Bleeding Hearts Chronicles, he starts to really like this new girl named, Aria. As it turns out, Aria and his family are part of a secret clan, the Wisp Clan, that seeks to destroy the Myst Clan, because centuries ago a Myst Clan member killed the leader of the Wisp Clan, and they have

Aria Quinn

forsook revenge ever since.

More information to follow...

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