Ever Present, Ever Near

2011-12-30 2244

I see you in the shadows
I see you in my dreams
Ever are you present
Ever are you near
Could ever one ask
For a more faithful companion than thee?

My soul bleeds through
The wounds they won't heal
Scars upon scars
Pile higher upon my heart
You take all I have
And you give no hope in return

Too numb to cry
Too scared to sleep
As I wait for more news
I hear your cruel laugh
I feel your cold stare

As each loved one sucumbs
To your icy cold grasp
A fate worse than death
To be the one left behind
With only a handful of memories
Slowly fading with time

As the new year dawns
And time still ticks on
You come yet again
Bleeding my soul dry
How much more can one take
To be the one left behind

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