Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne.

This song really touched my heart. It was so meaningful

I was fighting with someone. We were calling each other stupid but I got overboard I called his crush ugly. He got frustrated of course but what he did to me hurts more than he planned. He posted on FB Asking who’s prettier me or his crush. I immediately clicked Thia’s page. Send her a message saying sorry. Anger got over me.

I said sorry but the insults keep on coming. Every single of Miege’s friends called me a lot of names. I admit I started all this but I was really hurt by their words. They called my classmates plastic. That I cannot forgive. They have no right! They have no right at all. I said a lot of insults to them but in my heart I was crying.

I was wrong I know. I was really wrong. What I did is unforgivable. I know that. I was the one who started it. But he have no right to call me a pig just because I am a little fat. He have no right to embarrass me just because I made a mistake. He have no right at all! He have no right. T_T He have no right.

I am unforgivable I know but he have no right.

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