"Saying sorry is a sign of weakness. And yes, this is me admitting i am weak."

I'm sorry.

Two words.

Which can change futures,

For the better or worse,

We never truly know.

I'm sorry.

For everything.

The things I've done,

The things I haven't,

Every action against you.

I'm sorry.

For meeting you.

For trusting you.

For telling you.

For listening to you.

For leaving you,

And missing you.

But most of all,

i'm sorry I loved you.

I'm sorry I caused you un-needed pain.

I'm sorry I lied to you,

When I said I was okay.

I'm not okay,

I'm crying,

I'm scared,

I'm lost without you.

I'm sorry for loving you like a mother,

And for you to me like a daughter.

I'm sorry for loving you,

Because all I did was fail you

I'm so sorry.

For failing you.

But I can't change my emotions.

I love you like my mother stilll.

Even if you don't still trust me,

Forgive me please.

Because sometimes the pain is waiting to be forgiven, and realizing the wait will go on forever.

I love you, I trust you, I fail you.

I'm sorry.....

"I let you trust me, if only by a tiny bit, and then i failed you. I can't say I'm sorry for loving you still, hate me for it, yell at me for failing you, just know....I'm sorry...."

(AN:This is dedicated to a certain someone. These are my emotions, so if you are reading this, just remember I love you like my mom and I'm sorry. I know we need to talk, I know I need to tell you the hollow truth of what happened. I'm scared though. To others who are reading this, just remember, the people you love are the ones you betray the most. Take a different road than me and don't fail them. "Take it from me, dancing is like writing a story, only using movement"File:B.gif 10:55, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

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