Faith Cassandra Newman
Faith Newman
Owner of Destiny the Golden Retrevier
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth October 13th
Current age 13
Gender female
Family Dorothy Arsenault (mother)

Josh Newman (father)

Cassandra Newman (deceased older sister)

Jake Newman (baby brother)

Silena Newman (younger sister)

Destany (dog, best friend)

Brownie (left at NYC SPCA. Dog. Fate unknown)

Status alive
Eye Color brown
Hair Color dirty blonde
Height 5.6"
Alias none
Affiliation Newman Farm, CA
Weapons none
Species human
Home Newman Farm, CA
Appearances The Cave on the Beach

Faith Newman is the main HUMAN protagonist in The Adventures of Faith and Destiny.


Faith was born on the day of her sister Cassandra's death. She was named after her (hense the middle name Cassandra) and was very quiet, unlike her sister. She grew up in New York City with her family and her dog Brownie. When she was seven, her mom had her younger sister Silena.

Silena and Brownie were Faith's only friends as she was so shy. As she grew older, she began to open up a bit more. She was very popular, kind and nice,

When Faith was ten and Silena was three, her mom had her 4th child - a boy named Jake.

Two years later, The family left Brownie at the NYC SPCA and moved to California, a change which Faith dispised.

There, she met Destiny, a 2 year old golden retriver who was expecting puppies.

The Adventures of Faith and Destany:Edit

The Cave on the BeachEdit

Faith has just moved to a small farm in California, right near a cliff with a beach on the bottom. There, she meets Destany, a 2 year old golden retrevier. The two have an unbreakable bond, but then Faith is kidnapped and relies on Destany to bring her home.


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