He walked through a charred and desolate mansion. Where... where was he? A scorched portrait of... someone... was nailed to the wall. The face was completely burned away, so it was impossible to tell who the portrait was once of. He kept walking further into the mansion. Everything was so ruined. But... he remembered this place. This was once... his home? A large staircase lay before him. He took one step and pain darted up his spine. He nearly fell, but he righted himself by holding onto the guard rail on the side of the staircase. He looked to the top of the stairs and gasped. A figure stood there. It was totally black and white, with no colors whatsoever. It had no face either, or if it had, it was burned away. All that was there was a blackened, horrible mess. It was... the person from the portrait.

Suddenly it turned its head sideways at an impossible angle and reached towards him, who was still at the bottom of the staircase. He backed up and stared. The figure beckoned for him to come closer. He gulped and then made his way up the staircase. With each step, pain jutted up his back and his vision blurred slightly. But he managed to hold out. When he reached the top of the stairs, the figure grasped his shoulders tightly and squeezed. Tighter, tighter, even tighter. Millions of images gushed into his head all at once. Memories of a bright, vibrant mansion. Memories of a rich, loving family. Memories of children playing... His friends? Then, at last came the memories of a man with an ax... The man... murdered... someone. A woman, but he couldn't quite remember who she was. He had... a match... and a can of gasoline... Fire... burning... pain... agony...

His eyes opened suddenly and he struggled for breath. It was a dream. He looked out his window and saw his father outside, wielding an ax and heading for the front door. Strange. Why would father bring an ax inside the mansion?

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