Oh,my god, why can't I just open my mouth?

or shall my pursuit of love go simply south?

I mean, come on, she's just right there!

But why am I so freaking scared?

She's sitting there, right next to me,

yet I sit here, writing half-assed poetry.

what the hell is wrong with me?Why can't fear just leave me be?

My heart is full of hopeful doubt

she cares not for the bard, I have no clout

Where fear ends, Love will start

if only my mouth were as bold as my heart

The hurtful truth is when you are nearMy head will spin and my tongue disappears

my heart beats faster and pulse will rise

though I have yet to look you in the eyes.

Perhaps one day I'll speak when you come near,

though until that day, my love is consumed with fear....

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