"Please tell me we've found our way again", complained Vito, a small electric life form encased in a decorated sphere of glass.

"Nope, we've still got a lot more light years to come across before we're back on track again," said his escort Sandron, who was not only the pilot of the star craft they were flying in but also the one who was strapped right next to Vito.

"You've been saying that for hours", whined Vito. "If you're lost, now would be the time to admit it."

But Sandron wouldn't admit it, not yet at least. Despite his age, he had been flying advanced star ships for nearly ten years, escorting people ranging from aristocracy to poverty, all in the nature of aiding the galactic. Now however, he was stuck aboard a beaten-up vessel known as the Ophelium with an impatient young organism who happens to be the next-in-line heir to the Horrdaraicia throne. Out of all the people and creatures he'd escorted and/or driven throughout the farthest reaches of the cosmos, Vito had proven himself the one Sandron would call the most annoying. All throughout the trip, Vito seemed to complain about everything: the complimentary food, the speed of the vessel, even the way the onboard computer talked to you. In fact, it was most likely because of his constant bickering that had gotten them into this mess to begin with. Now there they were, lost in the distant reaches of Outer Space together, with barely any hope of finding their correct destination in time.

"Why couldn't you just pay more attention to the task at hand instead of talking back to me?" said Vito, fully aware now of the situation they were in. "Great, now we're stranded in what probably unknown space and its all your faul-"

Vito wasn't able to finish his sentence because by then Sandron had lost all patience with the spoiled prince, set the ship on autopilot, and turned his seat so he could face him clearly.

"Now look here you annoying little brat!" yelled Sandron with his face turning as red as a ruby, "I've been trying really hard to guide you to your destination, but because of your constant bickering, we're now lost in the farthest depths of the Universe! So if you don't mind I would like to steer us to safety back in one piece and what I'd really do with right now is some peace and quiet!"

At first Vito was startled by this sudden outburst, but after only a few minutes his surprised look transformed into an expression of anger. "How dare you talk that way to a royal member of the Horrdaraicia family, you should show some respect to your superiors!"

Sandron simply turned back around and rested his head on his controls. It's going to be a long drive, he thought in exhaustion.

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