Somewhere, somehow, someway

Something got between me and keyboard keys

Me and my laughter lines

Me and the fragments of a would-be family

So I stopped tempting the skyline with my poetry,

Let’s face it

I only shake hands with strangers, so

I can’t play piano for myself anymore

These fingers of mine lack the exercise needed to stretch

Past an octave

On a tuxedo, they falter

My digits are cobwebs

And they haven’t been cleaned for a while now,

I’m almost sorry for them

It’s impossible to teach someone how to laugh

I know because I’ve tried so many times

I invented crying

If I stared into the sun I’d still be blinded, it’s true

Your tears are more beautiful than my laugh ever could be

And I’m not ashamed to admit it

For you’re like the pebbles to my cobblestone pathway

I’d be empty if I didn’t know you

Maybe that’s why I’ve scattered lines trying to find you

I have always wanted to write a poem

Without trying

I haven’t written a poem for a while now

But I swear your voice would make me start again

It’s like; you tell me I’m beautiful

And suddenly I am

Like, I could write a love poem about you

I really want to write a love poem about you

But this is more than just that

I’m trying to tell you how I’ve never really trusted anyone before

Somewhere, somehow, someway

Something stopped me

Maybe it was the piercings I’ve been carrying over from my family

But I need you to teach me how to trust you

I’ve been tracing grains of sand for a while now

Hoping to eventually touch diamonds in this land we call our home

It’s just so hard to find a good soul these days—

I want you

‘cause I’ve forgotten how many times I only think of myself

And when I feel you

I don’t even mind remembering

I’ve lost track of the time spent tripping over webbed feet now

And I’m almost too tired of falling beneath the coastal line

It’s days like these when I know I wouldn’t be a pattern without you

For I’m only made up of your starfish impressions—

Let’s press together harder

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