Into a world of green I thrive

Yet filled with many machinations.

For as great falcons start to dive

They fall into my own creations.

This desolate World that we call Home

Is an enemy that we must face.

For the barren landscape of the Earth we Roam

Can swallow us without a trace.

Though a danger can lurk at any corner

I would not flinch for a minute.

Because as an attack comes out from the former

I survive by slicing right through it.

Yet as I look upon my prize

A shiver crawls up my spine.

For at that moment I realize

That the victim was an old friend of mine.

You'd expect me to stir, but I did no such thing

I felt no sadness, no pity, just a vibe

Because though it might feel like a gritty little sting

I would do so again for the Tribe.

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