She stood there for a while. Should she do it? Should she really run away and never see her friends and family again?

Of course you should, a little part of her mind said. After all, you do love him, right? This is what you've always wanted. To be out of here. To get out, have an adventure. It's like a Romeo and Juliet love story!

What if he leaves you? What if he dumped you and never looked back? And didn't Romeo and Juliet died in the end? the almost sane part of her questioned. Do you really want to leave for that one person? Would it be worth it?

She thinks about all the inside jokes she and her friends has shared, all the laughter. She thinks about all the love her parents had given her. She thinks about how he had loved her, befriended her, and that very first kiss.

And now she had to choose. Choose between someone she loved, but her parents didn't approved of, or her friends and family.

"C'mon," said the boy, stretching out his right hand. His left was carrying a duffel bag with his clothing and other essential life items he needed. Automatically, she went over to her own suit case and picked it up. But just as she walked over to the window, the only place to get out, to escape and gain freedom, she hesitated. "What are you so afraid of?" the boy questioned, curious.

She smiled, her eyes watering up. "Forgetting," she stated simply. "They will forget, I will forget. The world is a forgetful place, don't you think? Suddenly you vanish, your friends will cry, your parents miserable. But eventually, they will all move on, and I will move on. Eventually, we'd all forget. And we will become strangers, once again."

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