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  • You cannot nominate yourself
  • More than one user or story or poem can be nominated for the same award
  • However, only one user or story or poem will receive that award
  • The users/stories/poems that receive each award will be determined by voting


Nominations will begin on September 1st and will end on October 31st. Voting will last from November 1st thru November 30th, and awards will be given out on December 1st.

User Awards

  • Best Overall
  • Most Helpful User
  • Friendliest User
  • Most Loyal User
  • Funniest User
  • Most Unique User

Story and Poem Awards

  • Best Overall (Stories and Poems)
  • Best Overall Story
  • Best Fantasy Story
  • Best Sci-fi Story
  • Best Romance Story
  • Best Adventure Story
  • Saddest Story
  • Funniest Story
  • Sweetest Story
  • Most Action-Packed Story
  • Most Unique Story
  • Most Original Story
  • Stoey With the Most Plot Twists
  • Most Interesting Story
  • Best One-shot
  • Best Poem
  • Sweetest Poem
  • Saddest Poem
  • Funniest Poem
  • Most Unique Poem
  • Most Interesting Poem

Character Awards

  • Best Overall (Female or Male)
  • Best Protagonist (Female or Male)
  • Best Antagonist (Female or Male)
  • Best Supporting Characters (Female or Male)
  • Most Unique Character (Female or Male)
  • Most Original Character (Female or Male)
  • Best Female Character
  • Best Male Character

Nomination Forms

Nominating Form:Users


User Nominating:


Award Nominated For:


Nominating Form:Stories and Poems

Story Name:


User Nominating:

Awards Nominated For:


Nominating Form:Characters

Character Name:

Link to Character Page:

Creator of Character:

User Nominating:

Award Nominated For:


Nominations (2012)



Stories and Poems




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