An intersection between four roads, each of them jutting off in four different directions with tales untold by time. Grocery stores sat on the sides of two of the roads, a gas station resided by another, and a fast food restaurant near the final one. Cars traveled to and fro on the roads, their destinations unknown to the young man who walked along the sidewalk of one of the many grocery stores. The sky gave warnings of incoming rains, its dark and gloomy clouds serving as proof of this. He rubbed his face and sighed, feeling empty. It was always the same. That's just the way that it has always been. The first drops of rain began to fall in unison with the first tears to fall from his eyes.

He walked out from under the awning which protected him from the rain and out into the dull-colored parking lot of the store. He let the rain soak him thoroughly and then turned back to the grocery store. The bold red lettering on the awning of the store was impossible for him to read now. He knew it was the name of the store, but names had no meaning to him any longer. He still knew his own name, but he cared no longer for it. He knew no true reason to cry, but still he wept. It would be hard for any others to tell he was sobbing, for the rain fell so hard. To others he seemed just a boy standing in a parking lot staring at nothing in the midst of a heavy rain. He stared up into the sky. It was times such as this that he wished deeply that there was a God. He needed something to assure him that things would be alright. Since no such person could possibly do so, he simply wafted through his meaningless disaster of a life, emotionally crippled.

He scarcely had time to look to his right before a car, the driver unable to stop in time, plummeted into him and killed him instantly. His vision faded as he saw a panicked looking man hurriedly exit the car and shake his lifeless body. He was dead now, and he stood in front of his own body. He watched as the man who had hit him shouted for someone to help. It was too late. At least... now he was free. But... he was still empty and broken. Even in the end of his life, he still wept for someone to assure him that things would be okay.

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