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They call that freedom?

How dare they,

We're just specks of dust to them.


Does not...


"Mary!" called my teacher. I jumped. "Uh... What is it, Mrs. Rubkins?" I sighed. "What are you doing sleeping in the middle of our history lesson!?" She scolded. Shoot. I hate school... I hate everything... I wasn't supposed to live here. "I wasn't sleeping." I yawned. Maybe I was... Eh, I don't care. Mrs. Rubkins glared at me and got back to reading the history book out loud.

"The Declaration of Idependence was signed.....Thomas Jefferson.... Benjamin Frankling......" I didn't completely hear every word she said. "It brought freedom to our country -- the United States of America!" I sighed. I've learned about this dumb Declaration of Independece from 1st grade to 9th? LAAAME. At first I believed in this sh*t, when I was little, but then I stopped. How can grown people believe in somekind of made up characters? Native Americans didn't exist. No one did. History is all made up. Stupid adults.

"Mrs. Rubkins." I stood up from my desk.

"Yes? What is it Mary?" She sighed, looking up from the history book.

"I'm feeling sick, can I leave the school for now?"


"Stupid fr*gging teacher..." I muttered as I sat down.

Finally, we were all done with stupid school. I ran down the street to my house. I froze. The f*ck? My mom and dad where being led away with hand cuffs. Oh no you don't! I ran to them, fast, kicking one policeman in the face and the other in the stomach. "What do you think you're doing, little girl?" Said the third policeman. "What do you think YOU'RE doing?" I slapped him. He smiled and mockingly said, "It doesn't even hurt. Bring her with us." One of them grabbed my hair and pulled into the car, as the other ones shot my parents. I sat there. Not crying not anything. What is wrong with the world? Blood splattered all over the ground. Why? Why me?

When we reached our destination, it suddenly hit me. I'm going to die... They're going to kill me. "You b*st*ds, freedom doesn't fr*gging exist." I yelled, right before I was shot in the head.

I fell on the floor, feeling warm blood rushing down my forehead. "I'm happy I died. At least I'm going to be free for now. And I h-h-hope... I-I got something into your s-stupid th-thick skullsssssss....." I coughed.


Everything turned black...

I smiled...

F*ck yeah....

(sorry for a bit too much bad words. I just wanted to write something... I don't know how this turned out...)

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