Friends they are the people that helps us throughout our lives. And I will say that you're abnormal if you don't have a friend. No man is an Island afterall. We need to show them we are thankful for all their help. We should be loyal to them. They have helped us to get to the top we must not betray them. We should not tell lies to them. We should not talk behind their backs . We should forgive them even though they made a mistake.

They are our friends and true friends are not easy to find. I know it's hard to not talk behind their backs more like impossible. It might seem impossible but we need to try. They are there for us and all we do is betray them? Don't you even feel a single bit of guilt. I have. I have felt guilt. It was not an awesome feeling.

Friends They might not be too loyal to us. They are 1/4 loyal maybe smaller or bigger but you know guys we should at least try as it's not easy to find a true friend and it's almost impossible to be a true friend to someone because try as we might we are not perfect so we can never be one hundred percent loyal. But we should at least try.

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