Giving Up 1

I spend 24 hours, thinking of you. Hoping you follow my advice, that all of you do. That may sound stupid, but I've been there. I know what you're feeling, trust me, I do. I let you come to me, ask for advice. I give it to you, encourage you, comfort you, advise you. Sure, most of the time, you take my advice. But what do I get? A thank you, a hug, a little warm notice? Nope, I get nothing. I pour my advice, my little wisdom, all I have and give it to you. I don't ask for anything in return, sure, but the fact you don't even think about saying thanks, just plain hurts. I mean, isn't it the right thing, to say thank you when someone helps you? Or do you just go on, not even caring how much time I used to help you, and not wonder if I have ever needed advice myself? I have needed advice, I still do. I'm like a person, which people take from, but never think about stopping and asking, are you okay? Never think about saying well done, thank you, your advice is great, can I ever repay you? Well, no one does. To be honest, I've lost hope that any soul will give me some guidance. Asking for help now, is something I never do. Being asked for help, is all I seem to be noticed for. So, you're probably not going to change your views, or even read this, but I'm hoping people out there will realize that no one, absolutely no one, can walk alone, trust me, I know.....So, now that I've done, just one more thing to say, is that I give up on you....

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