"Death is a way of God saying you're fired. Suicide is a way of saying, You cant fire me, I quit...."

Look Boss, I've had it rough.

You didnt realise it was a bluff.

I cant be nice, answer your worries, save lives,

I'm to busy trying to get husbands with wives!

You send me here, there, basically everywhere,

It gets so long and tiring...

So why'd ya have to tell me that day, that you were gonna start firing?

Look, I dont like being a bitch,

I dont like, acting like a witch.

But burn me on a stake, you cant fire me,

I quit....

Yell at me, hit me, alll ya want,

Remember its me who'll be back to haunt.

No Boss, I'm not being rude,

No Boss, dont say hey dude.

I've done your dirty work, filled out all the paperwork,

Now I'm sitting here, with shadows to lurk.

God, I know my time is up,

And that ou are going to fire me.

But heres a little word:

Raise the blade to my neck,

You cant fire me,

I quit..............

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