Gus Crona, is a psychic soldier who bathed in the River sphinx, and made his weak spot his mark of choas undivided. His goal is to get retirbution for his father not telling him who he was and who Gus was... and what makes Crona so disturbing, is that he is also a shape shifter that never... ever... speaks.. .

Crona normaly

Gus crona
Daemon prince
Harbinger of Retribution
Lord of Chaos
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 8th
Current age 13
Gender Male
Family Chaos
Status Alive
Eye Color Right blood red eye, left teal eye, mark of Chaos undived is around left eye
Hair Color Pitch black
Height 6'1
Alias None
Affiliation None
Weapons Psychic, fire, water, daemon weapons, Sniper, Sword
Species Daemon Prince
Home None
Appearances Unkown

Apperence Edit

Gus normally is a 6 foot 1 13 year old that carriers the "Sword of Retribution" a 4 foot long obsidan/Celestial Bronze blade with the power to harm even immortals. Gus's normal clothes when in battle are a pitch black T-shirt with his logo, the mark of Chaos Undivided around his heart, and wears black sweat pants with a diamond belt. Finally he has a Sniper rifle called "Harbringer of Death."


Gus has a childish personality, beliving that he is ageless, which is unforchiently true. He has enough brute force that with Retribution he can break a great sword, but only after a few swings. Gus's personality is strangly uplifting, he normally tells jokes, and easly gets board after battles. He has been known to make his opents lose thier focuse then use it to his advantage. most say he is insain, but very few know of his agelessness.

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