This is a happy poem!
I don't know why it is.
So don't ask me.
Just go do something else.

I'll just make this poem a biography of me!
I don't know why,
It just sounds cool!
That's about it.

I know the poem,
Is not structures properly.
Just don't bother me about it.
Now let the TRUE biography begin.

I was born on Mars,
To Martian parents.
It is not that fun there.
They do not have TV.

I came to Earth in a spaceship.
It was a bumpy ride,
When I finally crashed on the planet,
I shot everything with a raygun.

I was captured by the solders,
Of seven different countries,
While they argued over who would dissect me,
I ran away.

Now I write pointless poems,
Why, I do not know,
I just wish,
This poem made sense.

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