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Kate stood watching him. His beautiful eyes so blue like the sky, his golden hair so much like the sun and of course his voice so full of desire. Kate was just normal though. Brown hair, brown eyes and of course freckles here and there. But he wasn't normal. He had come halfway through the year, and on his first day, he caused heartbreak. He accepted the offer of a different more pretty girl and poor little Kate went home in tears. That night as she went to bed, a voice creeped into her mind.

I love you.....Love you so much....

Kate lied still in bed, frozen in shock and looked around the room. But she could not see anyone. So she went to sleep. That was not the last night Kate heard the voice. It came to her every night after he had joined her school. The voice seemed not to be deep nor high but a million voices mixed.

Pretty girl...Beautiful girl...

Nice love, mean love.

Mine, mine, mine.....

Each night, the voice said something different. And every night, Kate passed it off as her imagination and went to sleep. She went to school someday with dark circles under her eyes and a grouch mood. No-one would talk to her but whispered and laughed at her instead. Then he came, he came like a prince in shining armor. He went up to her and asked her name. She replied and that started the path to her doom. She fell in love with him and he with her. But every night, she heard the voice, possessive yet gentle.

Don't talk to him. He is evil...You are mine...

For some reason, the voice sounded so honest. So Kate believed the voice. She ignored him and walked away. And then came the night he died, she cried for she had never said goodbye. Apparently he had drowned but Kate did not believe that. The lake was red, filled with blood. They did not find is body. That night Kate heard the voice again, except more close. Like the voice was next to her. She opened her eyes to see another. He was the opposite to her dead love with her black as night and eyes blood-red. He leaped forward. That was the last night anyone ever heard or saw Kate. It seemed she had disappeared from her bed with nothing left behind. Her funeral was made after a year of searching and then they found that her dead love was not in fact dead. He had been on a trip and the blood was not his. He went not to her funeral but to her house and into her room. And saw a single note saying:

She shouldn't have fallen in love with you. She is mine. She shouldn't have fallen in love with an angel when she belongs to the devil.......

The End........

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