Heartless Boundary is a story narrated by the main protagonists, Seth, Aria, Jake and Everett and written by Loreofwings. The story mainly focuses on the search for Ellen, the host of Nike.


Seth LupaneEdit

Seth is the 16-year-old host of a god. He is the one of the main characters of the story. He doesn't know who he is hosting, but he is hosting a divine being, as Aria had felt a divine energy emanating from him. He has curly brown hair, rather tan skin, and blue eyes. He has yet to show any signs of powers developing.

Aria AnnisonEdit

Aria is the 16-year-old host of Hecate. She is another main character. She is hosting Hecate, because her mother predicted her to host a being of darkness. Of course, her mother understood this a sign that an evil creature will host her, when in fact, Hecate was the being of darkness. She can cast magic spells and can talk to dogs.

Jake CelesteEdit

Jake is the 17-year-old host of Hermes. He is the third main character. He is hosting Hermes because Hermes needed a way to send messages in human form, so he picked Jake. He has sun-kissed blond hair, tanned skin and blue eyes.

Everett LeaserEdit

Everett is the 15-year-old host of Morpheus. He is the fourth and last main character introduced in the story. He has hosted Morpheus ever since he was 5, but only knew of his identity when he was 12, meaning he recognised himself for 3 years.

Ellen StringerEdit

Ellen is the currently resting, 16-year-old host of Nike. Her awakening and her realisation is the main goal for Seth throughout the story. She had a temporary clone, who died at the start of the story. She is known to have ivory skin, blonde hair and green eyes.


Heartless Boundary: Chapter 1 - Seth

Heartless Boundary: Chapter 2 - Aria

Heartless Boundary: Chapter 3 - Jake

Heartless Boundary: Chapter 4 - Everett

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