I watched in complete horror. My girlfriend was crumbling.

I watched as it sucked up her color 'till she was white, like a statue. I saw the sadness in her eyes, so complex, yet so easy to understand. Her body started to crack. Her feet were showing cracking signs, little by little. She looked straight at me. Her soul was coming out of the cracks.

"Listen to me," Ellen said.

I moved closer to her. As I walked, the more her body started to demolish. She started to stare at me with colorless eyes. The sadness, I-I can't describe it. Her hair started to pale, and she still looked at me. Rain started to fall. My face must've looked like, like...a lover who lost his girl without being able to help. Exactly what I was.

"Look at me, Seth," she said. "I must reveal something: I was simply a doll, a replacable vessel for a goddess," She said, with so much pain, I couldn't bare to look. But then, I wondered what she meant. "Which goddess?" I asked.

"I am the host for Nike, goddess of victory," she explained. "Why?" I asked, regardless of what was happening.

"I was made for this purpose; ever noticed that every time I won, I didn't smile? Or when I was at school, I always frowned? It was because of my destiny," she said. "Why? Why did the gods make someone as perfect as you? WHY COULDN'T THEY MAKE SOMEONE ELSE?!?" I screamed, as a tear ran down my face. Her beauty, even with no color, was unattainable. I cried so hard, and no one was around to share the pain. It was just me.

Her face was starting to crack, and fast. But hey, if it was a dark day in the park, what else would happen? She was dying quick. She looked at me, and said, "My name, my true self's location, is...". Sorry, I just can't tell. On her last breathing moments, she kissed me. She said, "I love you." And just like that, she crumbled. The tears ran down my face like a waterfall. Her dust simply blew away. But now, I know that she had a real, true self, that was exactly like her. Even her feeling. She was in a resting, comatized state, but she was alive. And I was bent on seeing her.

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