I stared out of the window. I hate school.

I was stuck in there, making a small light appear and disappear. I was bound, to the goddess of magic, Hecate. It was when I was young. My mother was a human, but she was an oracle; she could see past the illusion, and could see the future. She foretold that I, her baby, Aria, was to be the host of "a being of darkness". She was right. But, she understood the vision wrongly: she thought it meant that an evil creature would make me its host, so she let Hecate host me to keep me safe. Hecate was the being of darkness. She took over me, let me use her powers. Every night, when my mom turned of the light, I would let Hecate's heart out. It was sad, actually. I knew there were others like me, but at least it wasn't their mother that made a deal with the god.

I was just about to finish writing, when a boy, my age, entered the room. Seth. He was always so secretive after his girlfriend went missing; but I knew that she was a temporary host for Nike as Ellen's true self was in a coma. Everytime I asked him what he was doing, he would just stare at me and say, "Buzz off," then run away.

He didn't know me as much as I didn't know him.

I could feel divine strength in his body. He was hosting a god. But I didn't know which god. He had so many possible gods that could host him. He was very secretive, like Hades. He also had a very angry look on him, like Ares. Maybe he was even the host of Zeus; he had great leadership qualities. But there was something about him.

Finally, he approached me. "Hey. What's up?" he said. "Nothing," I replied. "What's with the sudden change of attitude with me, huh? I thought you were always so anti-social near me. Never even trying to hold a conversation with me, the tough guy act. Who are you?" I asked. He laughed a bit. "I'm Seth, your new friend," he answered. "You do know, you're hosting a god, right?" I asked. "What?" he asked. And so, I explained it to him.


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