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Heartless Boundary: Chapter 3

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I woke up from my sleep in cold sweat.

I stared out of my window. The sun was peeking out of the horizon. I looked at myself. My dashing blue eyes, my sun-kissed blonde hair and my beautiful tanned skin (yes, I love to boast myself). Then, I put on my lucky blue shirt and my khaki pants. Of course, according to my dream, I was going to need them.

So, now you expect me to tell you my dream. I was in a mist. Figures were all around me, all black. I tried to run, but I was trapped, running around in an endless loop. One word: infinite. One of the figures came closer. I could definitely see it.

It was Hermes.

Of course, I didn't freak out, because he was wearing a track suit. "Woah," I said sarcastically, "What brings you into my dreams?" "You know you're hosting me already," he said, while panting. "Plus, I have a message to give you."

"Well?" I asked. "Spit it out already!" "Okay," he replied. "There are others in your school. You're not alone. There are two: Aria, hosting Hecate, goddess of magic, Seth, but we don't know who is hosting him and the comatised Ellen, hosting Nike, goddess of victory," he continued, still panting like a dog.

Well, now that I described that weird little dream, let me continue.

So I arrived at school, looking for the two named Aria and Seth. Sadly, I had to help them. Hermes IS a god of travellers, and the beings they're hosting are travelling in a mortal's body. Ellen's fine as long as she's comatised, since her divine energy is being hidden.

I finally found Aria and Seth. Aria had her black hair with blue streaks, and brown eyes. Seth, on the other hand, had brown, curly hair, and blue eyes. I went to where they were sitting. "Hey guys," I greeted.

But I did NOT know that we were going on a quest soon.

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