Everett here. I'm hosting Morpheus, god of dreams.

I walked up towards Seth, Jake and Aria. Apparently, they were discussing something. I decided to talk to them.

"Hey guys," I said. "What's up?" They all stared at me, then looked away. "What is it?" I asked them. "Nothing," Aria answered. "Just that we talked about Greek mythology." "Lemme guess," I said to them. "Are you guys talking about hosting gods?" "HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?" Jake said loudly. Like, so loudly, that the guy wielding a chainsaw would've stopped.

Everyone turned their heads towards us. I gave them the signal, and we all went under the table.

"How did you know?" asked Jake, a bit less loud. Okay, lets face it. A LOT less loud. "Well," I began, "for the last ten years, I was hosting a god, but you guys couldn't tell because I'm hosting Morpheus, who hides divine energy with a shadow of dreams. Well, more or less," I said.

"Why didn't you tell us, Ev?" Aria said. "I was afraid you would judge me as being the weirdest one," I answered. "Because I'm the only one who can hide my divine energy." "That's actually pretty awesome," Seth said. "Aria said my one was pretty obvious, and strong, too."

"Eitherway," I said, "now we know our ideentities, which gives us more strength, but also a stronger presence, so anyone who knows the reality of the world will know who we are in an instant." "But what about me?" Seth asked. "I don't know who I'm hosting."

"Maybe it'll show sooner or later," I said. "I mean, not every host or hostess knew their true identity. I didn't know mine until I was 12," I continued. So, we all sat back in our original positions.

But the Moirae didn't have the best plans for us.

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