I remember leaving without a single word. It was painful as days past my heart seems empty, sad and alone as I remember the home that I once belong to. The love that they gave to me, the moments of sadness that we all share together. I miss my home.

Now a few months later, he talked to me asking me to come back. I slowly opened the door and found them all smiling with their warm smiles and with their imaginations that might have gone wild. I joined them as a stranger, I tried writing but as a stranger..

Now I tried opening the door once more not as a stranger but as me. I was shocked as they welcomed me with open arms. Now here I am writing again and talking to you guys. This wiki is like home to me. In here I found some one like me far across the sea and oceans. Here I found people that taught me how to smile and how to cry.

This wiki has been standing still for a year now and until now nothing has change because this wiki will always be the home for people with crazy imaginations, broken hearts, broken souls and crazy friends that will always understand you no matter how hurt you are.

In this wiki I found out that there is something more important than studies and that is friendship. Whenever you're sad, worried or alone there will always be people who will understand you. In this place I will always feel at home because of the people here.

I have traveled through a lot of places, trying to find home where there is no fighting, no struggles for power. It was hard and I almost thought that such a place called home exist but I guess I was mistaken it was right infront of me but I was just too blind to see it. Too afraid to admit it.

Thank you for being my friend, my compnion in times of need. I'm also sorry for leaving without a single word. There are new users here, who writes so awesomely I may not know you guys too well but I believe that you are also my friends because in this wiki everyone is family.

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