The strongest wind

Suppressing my feelings

If loneliness be my fate

Then so be it

If unhappiness be my reward

Then let me claim it

If an eternity of sadness be my path

Then let me walk it

For I wish not to hurt

Nor do I wish to be hurt

But hurt, I have been

Once more

The tears never dry

Stained to my face

My cheeks

Dripping down my chin like a dreadful rain

I am Wood

Standing tall

But destined to be chopped down

I am Blade

Sharp and swift

But rusting as the rain of tears eats

Away at me

And they see me now

They see my true side

Not a warrior,

Nor a person

But a monster

A monster that is uncontrollable

Uncontrollably weak

And unknowingly dangerous

See, I am a liar

A fraud

A cheat

I am who I say I am

But only on the outside

My feelings are untrue


I am not fine

If you must know

I feel-no I am





So I say

To those who see this

You may think I'm pathetic

But I am

For feeling sorry for myself

But I must

For no one else truly will...

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