I still remember the day we met.

We were in 1st grade.

I was a loner, and you had no friends.

I was on the swing, and you jumped in front of me, so I addicently kicked you in the mouth.

I told you that if you were quiet, that I would be your friend if you were.

You kept your promise, so I kept mine.

I remember the laughs we shared,

the fights we fought,

the hearts we broke.

I remember annoying your older brother together,

and our parents.

I remember your first breakup.

I made my mom drive me to his house, so I beat him up.

I remember when we started 8th grade,

how we made a pact that nothing would come between us. Not even death.....

Luckily, nothing has, or ever will.

I'll remember our friendship forever, even if I hate your guts sometimes,

Your my first and only best friend, Michaela.

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