I looked around me. As usual the city was feeled with hundreds and hundreds of people. I feel like I'm just a small simple child among the others. I looked up and saw my mother smiling at me.

"Anything wrong sweety?" She asked. I shooked my head and smile.

"Nothing mommy." She scoped me up then kiss me on my cheeks.She smiles once again then she puts me down. My mom. She's the most awesome mom ever.We continue to walk around the city until we reach our house.

"We're here mom."

"We're not yet here." I looked at mom, confused.I know that this is our house, our home.But how come she says we're not yet here. I simply don't understand.

"What are you talking about mom? This is our home! This is our house!" She smiles at me again. This time I don't feel any love from her smile. It was a creepy smile.

"You're wrong Sweety. This is my house, my home but not yours."

"What are you talking about mom?" A car pass by our house but then it decided to take a u-turn and stop at our house.A few other cars followed him. A strange man in black went out of the car.

"Is this you're offering MeiMei?"

"Yes., she's ready." The man in black started dragging me away.

"Mom! Help me! Help me Mom!" What she did crush all my hope. She smiled.

"I'm pregnant Yu,, it's against the rules to have two children. And besides this baby here is a boy. I don't need you anymore Yu." I began to cry. My worst fear it happened. My mother, she's pregnant and what's worst is it's a boy.I'm afraid of what the man in black will do to me. I'm afraid they'll kill me. I'm afraid I'm going to die. I don't want to die.

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