I'm still with you

Even though I'm buried deep underground

My eyes eaten out by worms

My clothes rotten.

I watch you go through everyday

Being friendly with our daughter's husband

Teaching our grandchildren how to fish.

I want to brush your wrinkles away,

To gather you in my arms and tell you 'it's okay.'

I want to murmur nonsense in your ear when you wake from a nightmare.

But I am no more and you can no longer see me

When you come to my grave and lay deep purple roses

That I always secretly despised, no matter how much you loved them.

You would sit on the marble bench,

Similar to the one on our son's grave

And you would remember

When I was young and asked you on a date, deep red with embarrassment

Or when I first kissed you

Or proposed.

When you had our first baby and I ran

All the way from my work to the hospital

A full kilometer.

And was exhausted and choking on air

From asthma I forgot I had.

You would begin sobbing

And I would feel wretched

Sitting down next to you

Not being able to comfort you.

But I'm still with you,

And when you decide to leave

I shall be waiting, my arms outstretched.

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