Oh, my,

How the time flies,

And oh how I

Love you.

Oh, my,

Watch the clock,

For you never know when it'll stop its


Oh, my,

Time does drag on by,

Torturing the poor souls

Its victims;

Oh, my,

How the time flies,

And oh how I wonder,

Do you love me?

Oh, my,

Curiosity is always just a step away from


Oh, my,

I wonder and wonder

Just how much debt

Just how much pain

Just how much soul

You'll be willing to endure





Oh, my,

Watch me crumple to the floor

Watch me slither past and die,

Watch me lose me will and end it all.

Oh, my,

How my mind flies,

I wonder if you wonder

What life would be like without

Such a weight like


Oh, my,

How my mind flies

When you whisper the words

"I love you."

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