Notice: Hi! it's VintageCamera45 some of you might know me from Camp Half Blood Roleplay Wiki, well any ways this is a writing prompt(The prompt was "What would be your superpower ?" I wrote in 6th grade titled If I Could Fly. I got an A+ for it and also entered it in a writing contest and got 2nd place.

Have you ever watched birds swiftly flap their wings and soar into the blue abyss of the sky? Could you imagine the sensation of being able to fly yourself? To me that's ultimate superpower. If I could fly I'd look down on cities and towns watching people on the sidewalk become as tiny as ants, see skycrapers lose their superiorness as they grew smaller. I could go places without paying the ridiculous prices that airlines charge. Your own private jet is yourself, and you could have ulimited frequent flyer miles. I'd fly to.


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